About Jim Hilliard

Jim is respected as a Problem Solver being both extremely creative and focused on Quality and Improvement

As an Educator, Jim has functioned in several areas, including: as a Secondary School and College-Level Classroom Teacher (Business, Computer Science/Data Processing and Business Law), as a High School Building Administrator: and a K-12 District-level administrator in Finance & Data Center Operations.

In the corporate world, Jim created “better way” solutions using Software, Process and Implementation strategies.  Jim spent over 27 years focused predominantly in Education, Medical (Hospital/Medical Practice) Operations and Government/Public Safety at the State/Local/Federal level.  Jim was a member of Hewlett-Packard’s “hand-picked” Healthcare Information Systems team.

Jim is very active in community affairs with over 37-years as a member of Tempe South Rotary, and with over a 20 years involvement in Computer/Cyber Security with the FBI Infragard and AZ Cyber Warfare Range.

Problem Solver in the following:

  • Medical

  • Education

  • Government

  • IT Systems and Solutions

  • Cyber Security

  • Learning Management Systems

  • Sales / Marketing Consulting

Jim comes through with amazing solutions to business problems that seem intractable at first. Everyone enjoys a person who naturally has great humor, it’s even better when presented within a brilliant solution. I recommend Jim to anyone with a business problem in need of a comprehensive solution

Michael Kristiansen

Publisher Who Is Arizona | Content Marketing Specialist