Our Mission is the connect you with Innovative Solutions, Viable Alternatives and, if necessary, introduce you to Valuable Business Contacts to satisfy your requirements

Proactive Connection was created by Jim Hilliard with the intent to identify and provide alternative solutions for Healthcare, Education and Government.  As we continued to develop, we realized that many businesses could also benefit from some of these solutions…

Currently, we are migrating a number of freestanding webpages into this one environment…

Proactive Healthcare

Proactive Patient Care

Proactive School Solutions

Proactive Business Solutions

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Having worked with Jim on business / Rotary projects over the past 36 years, I have come to believe that Jim is one of the most creative, innovative thinkers that I know.  He has vast sales and presentation skills.  I have repetitively witnessed his “creative magic” where, instinctively, he is capable of ‘cutting to the chase’ to identify a barrier to success and use a systematic approach to “find a better way that improves the process… Somehow, he just knows what to do…  He could conceivably be one of the most creative sales/marketing consultants anywhere… You owe it to your company to ask him to help you…

C Dale Hillard

Designated Broker, WestUSA, Phoenix AZ